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Our professional advice will help you find the most suitable course. We link you with colleges and universities which offer courses recognised by the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). You can choose from a wide range of courses to suit your area of interest. These universities and colleges offer Vocational, Diplomas, Graduate and Postgraduate courses.

We provide you services to obtain a visa to study while applying from overseas or from Australia, correcting visa problems, your legal obligations, travel during your stay, change of eductional provider and staying after your studies.

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Educational Colleges and Iinstitutions we are attached to :




Central Queensland University


ATMC (Uni. Of Ballarat)


ECA (Victoria University)


Kaplan Business School


Melbourne Institute of Technology




Raffles College of Design and Commerce






Education Access Australia


Queensland Institute for Aviation Engineering


Chilsom Tafe


Cambridge International College


South Pacific Institute


Sunshine College of Management


Della International College


Horward international College


Angad Australian Institute of Technology P/L


Aveta Melbourne


Ashton College


Western Institute of Technology




Australian Online Institute (AOI)


Barkley International College


Australian Industrial System Institute


Mackintosh International College


Southern Cross College of Vocational Education


Ozford Australia


Lonsdale Institute


Gurkhas Institute


Sheffield College


Australian Lawrence Aged Care College


Baxter Institute


Melbourne Institute of Engineering




Technical Education Development Institute